All question give us self answer as who asked his self for who am I??You should your self honestly that who am I?? But you give not learnt answer.right answer that your answer give your natural and lonely and self his condition.

School days

School is part of parcel of our life it say us that sc+hoo+l that I hoo hoo hoo hoo loudly loudly it is means that as we in school we read we teach we learn and last hoo hoo loudly so we teach it is means that all things who we learnt last we should forget it that we are normal and found leval good condition….

Indian poorness

Many people of Indian rich there but …..our poor brother today also crying and wept there in any there place and Indian leaders say that our India is become good and good condition and leval is normal no no it is fake said here in India country.Today also now there many people of India sleep without is bad of our country it is no said good.why should we do??When many our poor love brother sleep without food and we say that we are leval condition it is wrong.we should do some or anything about our lovey poor brother when we can say that we are in good condition and it is should prepare for them and for us.


Today is our written by jaiselmer district….jesalmer is name of king there palace of jai singh is so good charming place.Other country man tourist come here.The take enjoy of by jai singh made palace jesakmer district.It is come Rajasthan state.there are camel travelling here.big big stone yellow colour here city.Many other things watched by tourist here.Many people come back there he go to taken fresh smile from it city….so beautiful city of before king jai singh state there name is same as a jesalmer who is so is charming palace there any tourist can come here welcome them.


One day you walk up from your body or soul when you realise that also is a other world it not watching us our now eyes.the eyes is other for that other soul when a man is walk up or heavan is watch when man is death body but if we try that it is other world other world when we are alive when we walk up from our body that seems that other is body and other soul try it yoga….